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Northern Cobalt Ltd ASX: N27

Northern Cobalt Ltd
$4.2-6 millionSize of Offer
20 Jul 17Offer Open
31 Aug 17Pay By

Northern Cobalt Ltd (ASX: N27) is a cobalt exploration and development company focussed on developing the Stanton Cobalt Deposit in the Northern Territory.  Resources have been identified, and the company will work towards further upgrading these resources. 

IPO Live

Fat Prophets Global Property Fund ASX: FPP

Fat Prophets Global Property Fund
Up to $165 millionSize of Offer
01 Aug 17Offer Open
01 Sep 17Pay By

Fat Prophets Global Property Fund (ASX: FPP) will provide the opportunity to invest in an actively managed portfolio of global real estate securities, which derive predictable yield and the opportunity for capital growth. The Fund will deliver a unique exposure to the entities that own, manage and develop some of the most iconic assets around the world.

IPO Upcoming

The GO2 People Ltd ASX: GO2

The GO2 People Ltd
$10-12 millionSize of Offer
18 Aug 17Offer Open
08 Sep 17Pay By

The GO2 People Ltd (ASX: GO2) consist of two integrated and complimentary divisions, providing labour hire and building services to clients throughout Australia.  FY2016 revenues of $38.3 million were predominately from the provision of labour hire services to tier 1 and tier 2 construction and mining contractors for major infrastructure projects.

Series A Raising Offer closed
Restricted offer

This is a restricted offerOnly the following profile types may access this offer

  • • Experienced Investors
  • • Professional Investors
  • • Sophisticated Investors
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IPO Closed Aug 2017

CropLogic Limited ASX: CLI

CropLogic Limited
$8 millionRaised
Hunter CapitalLead Manager

The CropLogic Limited IPO has successfully closed via OnMarket.  The company expects to list on 31 August 2017. 

IPO Closed Jul 2017

Pyrolyx AG ASX: PLX

Pyrolyx AG
$35.3 millionRaised
Moelis AustraliaLead Manager

The Pyrolyx AG IPO has successfully closed.  Allotment is expected to occur on 16 August, with trading on ASX to commence at 12pm (AEST) on a deferred settlement basis.

IPO Closed Jul 2017

Nusantara Resources Limited ASX: NUS

Nusantara Resources Limited
$16.2 millionRaised
Patersons Securities LimitedLead Manager

Nusantara Resources Limited is an Australian company with a 100% interest in the Awak Mas Gold Project, located in the Luwu Regency of South Sulawesi Province in Indonesia.

IPO Closed Jul 2017

Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Ltd ASX: SDX

Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Ltd
$4.6 millionRaised
Sequoia CorporateLead Manager

Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Ltd is an Australian company that has developed, and commercialised, a new technology with application in the early detection of cancer. 

Pre-IPO Closed Jul 2017

This is a restricted offerOnly the following profile types may access this offer

  • • Experienced Investors
  • • Professional Investors
  • • Sophisticated Investors
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Series A Raising Closed Jun 2017

Moneyball Australia Pty Ltd ASX: ---

Moneyball Australia Pty Ltd
Pulse MarketsLead Manager

Moneyball is Australia's first daily fantasy sport (DFS) wagering platform. DFS is the fastest growing gaming segment globally for the sports enthusiast.

IPO Closed Apr 2017

Zoono Group Ltd ASX: ZNO

Zoono Group Ltd
$10 millionRaised
JB AdvisoryLead Manager

Zoono Group Ltd is a NZ based company which develops, manufactures and sells unique nanotechnology-based antimicrobial products.

IPO Closed Mar 2017

UUV Aquabotix Ltd ASX: UUV

UUV Aquabotix Ltd
$7 millionRaised
Patersons, KTM CapitalLead Manager

UUV Aquabotix Ltd is an underwater robotics company, manufacturing and selling commercial and industrial-grade Unmanned Underwater Vehicles. 

IPO Closed Mar 2017

The Hydroponics Company ASX: THC

The Hydroponics Company
$8 millionRaised
Gleneagle, RedleafLead Manager

The Hydroponics Company aims to be a leading manufacturer and distributor of cannabis products and equipment with multiple divisions.

IPO Closed Mar 2017

Bigtincan Holdings Ltd ASX: BTH

Bigtincan Holdings Ltd
$12 millionRaised
Baillieu HolstLead Manager

Bigtincan Holdings Ltd is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider with global go-to-market HQ in Boston, USA.

IPO Closed Feb 2017

Wattle Health Australia ASX: WHA

Wattle Health Australia
$8 millionRaised
JB AdvisoryLead Manager

Wattle Health Australia produces 100% Australian-made health and wellness products, focussing on infant formula and dried milk products for domestic and Asian export markets.

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