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IPO Live

Manuka Resources Ltd ASX: MKR

Manuka Resources Ltd
$10-13 millionSize of Offer
30 Mar 17Offer Open
12 May 17Pay By

Manuka Resources Ltd (ASX: MKR) holds a granted mining lease, a 52Moz JORC compliant silver Mineral Resource, existing plant and a 940km2 portfolio of prospective exploration. The Manuka Project is located near Cobar, NSW. Silver is used in many applications including solar panels, water filtration and smart phones. 

IPO Bidding Closed

Plato Income Maximiser ASX: PL8

Plato Income Maximiser
Up to $330 millionSize of Offer
31 Mar 17Offer Open
21 Apr 17Pay By

The Plato Income Maximiser Ltd IPO has successfully closed.  Allotment is expected to occur on 1 May, with listing planned for 5 May 2017.


IPO Closed Apr 2017

Magmatic Resources ASX: MAG

Magmatic Resources
Patersons SecuritiesLead Manager

The Magmatic Resources Ltd IPO has successfully closed. The allotment and listing date are still to be advised.

IPO Closed Apr 2017

Big River Industries ASX: BRI

Big River Industries
$17 millionRaised
Taylor CollisonLead Manager

The Big River Industries Ltd IPO has successfully closed. Allotment is expected to occur on 24 April, with an expected ASX listing date of 2 May 2017.

IPO Closed Apr 2017

Mobilicom Ltd ASX: MOB

Mobilicom Ltd
$7.5 millionRaised
Lodge CorporateLead Manager

The Mobilicom IPO has successfully closed.  Allotment will occur on Thursday 27 April and the ASX listing date will be Tuesday 2 May.

IPO Closed Apr 2017

Zoono Group Ltd ASX: ZNO

Zoono Group Ltd
$10 millionRaised
JB AdvisoryLead Manager

The Zoono Group Ltd offer has successfully closed oversubscribed. Allotment and listing dates are expected to be advised shortly.

IPO Closed Mar 2017

URB Investments Ltd ASX: URB

URB Investments Ltd
$80.1 millionRaised
Bell Potter, Morgans, CommSecLead Manager

URB Investments Ltd is an LIC providing investors access to Equity Assets and Direct Australian Property with exposure to urban renewal and regeneration.

IPO Closed Mar 2017

UUV Aquabotix Ltd ASX: UUV

UUV Aquabotix Ltd
$7 millionRaised
Patersons, KTM CapitalLead Manager

UUV Aquabotix Ltd will list on ASX on Friday 28 April 2017, at 11am (AEST).

IPO Closed Mar 2017

The Hydroponics Company ASX: THC

The Hydroponics Company
$8 millionRaised
Gleneagle, RedleafLead Manager

Allotment of shares occurred on 26 April, with the ASX listing expected to occur on 4th or 5th May. We will let you know when these dates are confirmed.

IPO Closed Mar 2017

Bigtincan Holdings Ltd ASX: BTH

Bigtincan Holdings Ltd
$12 millionRaised
Baillieu HolstLead Manager

Bigtincan Holdings Ltd is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider with global go-to-market HQ in Boston, USA.

IPO Closed Mar 2017

Fat Prophets Global ASX: FPC

Fat Prophets Global Contrarian
$48.5 millionRaised
Taylor CollisonLead Manager

The Fat Prophets Global Contrarian Fund is a LIC adopting a contrarian approach and seeking to identify investment opportunities largely ignored by the wider market.

IPO Closed Mar 2017

Lithium Consolidated ASX: LI3

Lithium Consolidated
$5 millionRaised
Sequoia Financial GroupLead Manager

Lithium Consolidated Mineral Exploration Limited is a lithium exploration company with their flagship asset located in the Big Smokey Valley, Nevada.

IPO Closed Feb 2017

Wattle Health Australia ASX: WHA

Wattle Health Australia
$8 millionRaised
JB AdvisoryLead Manager

Wattle Health Australia produces 100% Australian-made health and wellness products, focussing on infant formula and dried milk products for domestic and Asian export markets.

IPO Closed Feb 2017

Eildon Capital Ltd ASX: EDC

Eildon Capital Ltd
$10 millionRaised
CVC LimitedLead Manager

Eildon Capital Ltd is an active investor in Australian real estate. EDC provides exposure to a portfolio of property investments targeting returns of 14% pa and a dividend yield of 5% pa paid quarterly.

Notes Offer Closed Feb 2017


$175 millionRaised
Issuer: Walsh & CompanyLead Manager

URF Notes III are unsecured notes that carry an annual fixed interest rate of 7.75%, payable to investors quarterly in arrears.  

IPO Closed Feb 2017

Tianmei Beverage Group ASX: TB8

Tianmei Beverage Group
$10 millionRaised
Phillip Capital LimitedLead Manager

Tianmei Beverage Group distributes and promotes food, beverages and other grocery items including it's own brand of drinking water products in China.

IPO Closed Jan 2017

Ardea Resources Ltd ASX: ARL

Ardea Resources Ltd
Euroz SecuritiesLead Manager


Ardea Resources Limited is a spinoff of Heron Resources Limited (ASX: HRR) and is developing a large cobalt-nickel resource near Kalgoorlie in W.A.

IPO Closed Jan 2017

Cobalt Blue Holdings ASX: COB

Cobalt Blue Holdings
Far East CapitalLead Manager


Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited is focused on advancing the Thackaringa Cobalt Project in NSW, through the development & commercialisation of cobalt production.

IPO Closed Dec 2016

Freehill Mining ASX: FHS

Freehill Mining
Novus CapitalLead Manager


Freehill Mining is an iron ore producer and explorer with operations in the Chilean Yerbas Buenas reserves.

IPO Closed Dec 2016

Automotive Solutions Group ASX: 4WD

Automotive Solutions Group
$30.9 millionRaised
Vested EquitiesLead Manager


Automotive Solutions Group is a leading provider of a comprehensive range of Australian made automotive solutions and accessories in the 4x4/SUV market.

IPO Closed Dec 2016

Watermark Global Leaders ASX: WGF

Watermark Global Leaders
$90 millionRaised
Taylor CollisonLead Manager


Watermark Global Leaders Fund Limited is a Listed Investment Company, actively managing a market neutral portfolio of global listed securities.

IPO Closed Dec 2016

LCM Limited ASX: LCA

LCM Limited
$15 millionRaised
145 FleetLead Manager


Litigation Capital Management Limited provides litigation financing & ancillary services to enable the recovery of funds from legal claims.

IPO Closed Nov 2016

Dropsuite Limited ASX: DSE

Dropsuite Limited
$5.3 millionRaised
Novus CapitalLead Manager


Dropsuite Limited developed a cloud based software platform that enables SMEs to easily backup, recover and protect their digital assets. 

IPO Closed Nov 2016

Mayfield Childcare Ltd ASX: MFD

Mayfield Childcare Ltd
$24 millionRaised
Ord Minnett, Taylor CollisonLead Manager


Mayfield Childcare Limited owns 16 long day child care centres in Victoria, delivering operation benefts and more efficient, higher quality childcare.

IPO Closed Nov 2016

InPayTech ASX: IP1

$5 millionRaised
Veritas SecuritiesLead Manager


Integrated Payment Technologies Limited provides patented technology and software to support superannuation and payroll payments.

IPO Closed Nov 2016

Dreamscape Networks Ltd ASX: DN8

Dreamscape Networks Ltd
$25 millionRaised
Canaccord GenuityLead Manager


Dreamscape Networks Limited is an online service provider that owns Crazy Domains, the No. 1 domain hosting brand in Australia.

IPO Closed Oct 2016

Broo Limited ASX: BEE

Broo Limited
$10.5 millionRaised
Beer & CoLead Manager


Broo Limited is an Australian beer company focused on the production & sale of Broo Premium Lager & Australia Draught Beer to global markets.

IPO Closed Sep 2016

Antipodes Global Inv Co ASX: APL

Antipodes Global
Over $300 millionRaised
National Australia BankLead Manager


Antipodes Global Investment Company is a Listed Investment Company, actively managing a portfolio of long/short positions in global equities. 

Placement Closed Sep 2016

Pureprofile Limited ASX: PPL

Pureprofile Limited
$14 millionRaised
Blue Ocean EquitiesLead Manager


Pureprofile Limited enables consumers to create & develop their profiles, allowing Pureprofile to monetise this information with publishers & advertisers. 

IPO Closed Sep 2016

Powerhouse Ventures Limited ASX: PVL

Powerhouse Ventures Limited
$10 millionRaised
Bligh Capital, LodgeLead Manager


Powerhouse Ventures Limited is a NZ based company which identifies IP emerging from Aust. & NZ universities & Government-owned research institutes.

Placement Closed Sep 2016

US Masters Residential Property ASX: URF

US Masters Residential Property Fund
$64.5 millionRaised
Issuer: Walsh & CompanyLead Manager


US Masters Residential Property Fund provides unitholders with a diversified portfolio of US residential property located in the New York metro area.

IPO Closed Aug 2016

DomaCom Limited ASX: DCL

DomaCom Limited
$7.3 millionRaised
Shaw and PartnersLead Manager


DomaCom Limited developed a fractional property investment platform which facilitates property investment for retail and SMSF investors.

IPO Closed Aug 2016

Silver Heritage Group Ltd ASX: SVH

Silver Heritage Group
$25 millionRaised
CLSA, Baillieu Holst (co-lead)Lead Manager


Silver Heritage Group Limited is an experienced Asian regional gaming operator developing casino resorts on the India-Nepal border.

IPO Closed Aug 2016

Kyckr Limited ASX: KYK

Kyckr Limited
$5.2 millionRaised
Foster StockbrokingLead Manager


Kyckr Limited provides clients with a real-time, automated KYC, AML, and CTF compliance solutions with connections to global registers. 

IPO Closed Aug 2016

AdAlta Limited ASX: 1AD

AdAlta Limited
$10 millionRaised
PatersonsLead Manager


AdAlta Limited is a drug discovery & development company focused on a class of protein therapeutics known as i-bodies, for treating a wide range of human diseases.

IPO Closed Jun 2016

CoAssets Limited ASX: CA8

CoAssets Limited
$6.5 millionRaised
CPS CapitalLead Manager


CoAssets Limited is a web-based real estate & business crowdfunding platform that connects investors with businesses that need capital.

IPO Closed May 2016

9 Spokes International ASX: 9SP

9 Spokes International
$25 millionRaised
FosterLead Manager


9 Spokes International Limited is a NZ-based company that brings together the best-of-breed apps and integrates their data on a dashboard interface.

IPO Closed May 2016

DroneShield Limited ASX: DRO

DroneShield Limited
$7 millionRaised
PatersonsLead Manager


DroneShield Limited provides an affordable solution tackling the threat to privacy, physical security & public safety caused by consumer-grade drones.

IPO Closed May 2016

WAM Leaders Limited ASX: WLE

WAM Leaders Limited
$394.3 millionRaised
Taylor Collison, MorgansLead Manager


WAM Leaders Limited is a Listed Investment Company that invests predominately in large-cap growth companies in the S&P/ASX 200.

IPO Closed Mar 2016

Monash Absolute Inv. ASX: MA1

Monash Absolute
$52 millionRaised
Ords, Bells, TaylorsLead Manager


Monash Absolute Investment is a Listed Investment Company offering investors a diversified portfolio, with an objective of delivering absolute returns.

IPO Closed Mar 2016

China Dairy Corp. ASX: CDC

China Dairy Corporation
$17 millionRaised
Phillip CapitalLead Manager


China Dairy Corporation is a raw milk producer & supplier with operations located in the dairy province of Heilonggiang in the North of China. 

IPO Closed Mar 2016

WolfStrike Rentals ASX: WSG

WolfStrike Rentals Group
$2 millionRaised
Alpha SecuritiesLead Manager


WolfStrike Rentals Group is an Australasian company with a core focus on the financing and management of rental contracts for technology solutions.

IPO Closed Feb 2016

buyMyplace.com.au ASX: BMP

OnMarket: buyMyplace.com.au
$4 millionRaised
PatersonsLead Manager


BuyMyplace.com.au Limited created a website that is dedicated to helping Australians sell their homes without real estate agents. 

IPO Closed Feb 2016

JC International ASX: JCI

JC International Group
$5.6 millionRaised
PatersonsLead Manager


JC International Ltd provides a one-stop workforce sub-contracting solution to China's SOEs for domestic & international construction operations.

IPO Closed Feb 2016

TikForce Limited ASX: TKF

TikForce Limited
$4.5 millionRaised
Sanlam Private WealthLead Manager


TikForce Ltd developed an online solution, enabling mobile & freelance workers to control where & when they work and employers to manage flexible workforces.

IPO Closed Jan 2016

BGD Corporation ASX: BGD

BGD Corporation
$4 millionRaised
N/ALead Manager


Zenitas Healthcare Ltd (formerly BGD) provides ‘allied health’ services for home & primary care, aimed at reducing the reliance on high-cost acute institutional care. 

IPO Closed Jan 2016

Tesserent Limited ASX: TNT

Tesserent Limited
$7 millionRaised
Terrain Capital, Novus CapitalLead Manager


Tesserent Limited provides enterprise internet security services across the Asia Pacific to help organisations defend against cybercrime.

IPO Closed Dec 2015

Wonhe Multimedia ASX: WMC

Wonhe Multimedia Commerce
$3.4 millionRaised
Beer & Co.Lead Manager


Wonhe Multimedia Commerce Ltd produces routers & home media systems, servicing the demand for connectivity in China's homes & small businesses. 

IPO Closed Dec 2015

Absolute Equity Performance ASX: AEG

Absolute Equity Performance Fund
$100 millionRaised
Ords, Bells, MorgansLead Manager


Absolute Equity Performance Fund invests in a portfolio of Australian listed securities, aiming to achieve absolute returns regardless of market conditions.

IPO Closed Oct 2015

Dongfang Modern Agriculture ASX: DFM

Dongfang Modern Agriculture
$39.2 millionRaised
Paradigm SecuritiesLead Manager


Dongfang Modern Agricultural Holding Group is a leading grower & harvester of citrus & camellia tree produce in the Ganzhou region of Jiangxi Province, China. 

IPO Closed Sep 2015

MainstreamBPO ASX: MAI

$8.7 millionRaised
Bligh Capital SecuritiesLead Manager


MainstreamBPO Group provides specialist fund administration to the financial services industry through its three businesses: FundBPO, SuperBPO and ShareBPO.

IPO Closed Aug 2015

Traditional Therapy Clinics ASX: TTC

Traditional Therapy Clinics
$15.0 millionRaised
QA CapitalLead Manager


Traditional Therapy Clinics Limited owns and franchises a chain of traditional health and wellness clinics that are based in China.

IPO Closed Jul 2015

Pureprofile ASX: PPL

$12.0 millionRaised
Blue Ocean EquitiesLead Manager


Pureprofile Limited enables consumers to create & develop their profiles, allowing Pureprofile to monetise this information with publishers & advertisers. 

IPO Closed Apr 2015

Enzumo ASX: ENZ

Enzumo Limited
$5.3 millionRaised
CMC MarketsLead Manager


Enzumo Limited provides software services & research to financial planning & superannuation industries to enhance productivity & customer experience.

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